How to Manage Your Kindle account

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The promising prospect of swift Kindle fire Customer Service is something that many e-book readers greatly rely on these days. This is essential because it lets them operate their email account too at full capacity to manage workflow. Kindle is purpose-built to find out and consume digital media: movies, music, magazines, apps, books and the web. It is featured with light weight body, user-friendly interface, effective ram, a large screen and others. It is limited in its capabilities than an ipad, but in the respective domain, kindle holds its own.


How to Manage Your Content and Devices

  1. The first step is to log into your Amazon account
  2. In the upper right hand corner you should see “Hello (your name) Your Account.” Hover over that section of your screen until you see a pop down list appear.
  3. On that list select “Manage your content and devices.”
  4. On that page you can see three different tabs

a. Select Settings

1. To change the credit card information

I. Select “Edit Payment Methods”

II. Input the new card or select an alternative card you may already have on file

2. Turning on your device synchronization setting

I. Select the arrows next to the word off

II. Select the On option

b. Select Devices

1. To rename the device

I. Select the device you want to rename

II. Select the edit button to the right of that devices current name

III. In the pop up box change the devices name

IV. Hit save

2. Set a default device

I. Select the device you would like to become the default device

II. Select the button that says “Set as default device”

III. Hit save on the pop up.

3. Deregister a device

I. Select the device you want to deregister

II. Select the button that says “Deregister Device”

III. Hit save

IV. You would only want to deregister a device if it was lost or stolen.

c. Select Content

1. Return a book to the library

I. Select the title

II. Select the action box in between the select box and the title.

III. Select the link that says “Return this title” on the pop up

2. Lend a book to a friend

I. Select the book

II. Hit the actions button

III. Select “Loan this title.”

IV. Once you select loan this title it will take you to another page

V. Input the email address of the recipient

VI. Hit loan

3. Deleting Books and Samples

I. DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend deleting a title because once you do it is permanently gone and if you change your mind later and decide you want to read it, then you will have to purchase it again.

II. There are two ways you can delete a title/sample.

a. The first option

I. Selecting the title

II. Hitting the actions button

III. Select delete from the bubble pop up

IV. Select yes on the pop up

b. The second option

I. Select the title

II. Select the delete button at the top of the list

III. Select yes on the pop up

These three tabs under Manage Your Content and Devices do not seem like they do much but the longer you use your devices the more you appreciate having the options.

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